Sunday, March 20, 2005

Some words about concerts

Real Ones - Logen, Bergen (January 28th 2005)

Real Ones celebrated the release of their second official album at Logen this Friday. The beutiful placed was packed this evening and my expectations for this concert were great. I've seen Real Ones a lot of times before and I've always enjoyed their gigs. The release concert for their first album which they held at Hulen a couple of years ago was absolute fantastic and one of my all time favourite concerts.

But this night the magic somehow seemed to be missing. I don't know why, but I just stood there feeling a bit disappointed. Maybe I'm getting a bit old? It was not bad, but not really good either.

Maybe it was because they played a lot of new songs from their album or maybe it was the PA system which isn't strong enough for the big hall. (you could hear people chatting as they were playing...) Well, well, I'm hoping to see Real Ones again later this year, this time I'll hope they'll play a smaller venue like Kamelen or Hulen.

Real Ones set:
Oh My
Everybody Feels Like Laughing
Symphony Orchestra
Cold Days (one of the hightligts)
The Long Sentence
Disharmonic Ears (best new song)
A Short Little While
She's Got Me Good
All The Way Back
Ballad of an Old Man (with Grendakoret)
Subtareean Homesick Blues (Dylan cover)

Professor Pez – Hulen, Bergen (January 21st 2005)

This was a benefit gig for the Tsunami disaster in Asia and Pez played along with Syme and A Boy Named Sue.
This night Pez transformed themselves from lo-fi-Pez into being PowerPez. The sound was really loud and the band put everything into their performance. At one point, the singer even went down on his knees. If you have attended a Pez gig before, you know this is quite unusual. Pez played a lot of new songs which they are recording at the moment. Their new album, the follow-up to their briliant debut “Let us follow the Evil Balloon”, is due to be released later this spring. Their new songs seemed at bit more complex (and longer..) than the songs from their debut album. Some of them have been regulars in their live set for a time now and some were played for the first time this evening. From my drunken memory I can recall that both “Valiamonte Bay” and “Wolfman” seemed really cool. Pez played some old favourites from their debut album at the end of the gig and everyone went home happy. Pez also played at “Studentradiofestivalen” a few weeks later. That gig is best forgotten.

I really hope that the Galant people will release the new album before the summer. Sunny evenings with cold beers, some spicy meat on the barbeque and the new Pez album on the stereo seem quite nice now…

Pez setlist that evening:

Looking at Stars
Imperial Air
Valiamonte Bay
Heavy Bears
Singing Computers
My Friend
Underwater Island
Castle in the Sky
Stealin Sneakers

Sergeant Petter - Garage (January 28th 2005)

Sersjanten gave us a prewiev of his new album this evening at Garage. The album was released two weeks later so for most people this was the first time they heard the new songs. Petter has reduced his band and they are now a four-piece on stage with Petter on vocals and guitar, Kato Ådland on guitar/steel and some keyboards. Morten Skage is the new man on bass and Tarald Tvedten is still behind the drums. Although this was the first full concert with new material, they still sounded briliant and it seemed like they had toured the album for months already. Highligts this evening: Way To Go with Heidi Torsvik on guest vocals and a nice finale with There's A Moon Outside.

I was not in town to catch Petter playing Kvarteret some weeks later, but I hope I'll see them some time later this spring.

Longest Hour
That Child
Waiting Song
Light in October (best song on the new album)
Honky Tonk Rose
Gity of Greens
Spooky Spook
As the Record Starts
Amazing Face of Grace
Way to Go!
Dear Robin
How About 25?
Up For a Jive
Corner of an Eye
There's A Moon Outside

Pumping on the stereo this weekend.

Beezewax "Who To Salute"
Moneybrother "To Die Alone"
Vidar Vang & The Northern Men "Stand up Straight"
Teenage Fanclub "Grand Prix"
Sergeant Petter "Monkey Tonk Matters"